6 Reasons to wait for Samsung S10 Instead of Buying Note 9

The all new Samsung Note 9 is emerging as one of the favourite phone for Android lover. No doubts, it will the favourite Android Phone of 2018. But now the Samsung is preparing for the launch of the new Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. Many Android lovers are confused between buying the Samsung Note 9 or to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S10. Although Samsung Note 9 is a fantastic phone, there are a bunch of reasons to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Note 9 is getting popularity and attention right now. Galaxy Note 9 is modified well built successor of the Samsung Note 8. But soon the Rumoured Samsung 2019 flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 will seek the market attention. Samsung Galaxy S10, will be the rumoured successor of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the most amazing smartphone Samsung has ever released. This year Samsung released three flagships. But they were all boring. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a massive upgrade. Here in this post I will share 6 powerful reasons to wait for Samsung galaxy S10 instead of Buying Samsung note 9.

6 Powerful Reasons To Wait For Samsung S10 Instead Of Buying Note 9

So here are the reasons to wait for Samsung Galaxy S10 rather than buying Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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 Wait for Better Design Concept

The looks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is still a big question. Still there are only rumours about its design. But it is expected that the Galaxy S10 will not get any minor looks update like the S9. As per the news, its design will be the the evolution in the Samsung’s display. It is expected to have curved display on its both sides. It will be thinner that the Note 9 and S9. Major thing is that it is expected to have better looks than Galaxy Note 9.

Wait for a Triple-lens Camera

No doubt Samsung Note 9 has an amazing camera. It is one of the best camera ever tested on smartphones. But is not good as Huawei P20 Pro. How ever it is expected that Samsung will feature three lens camera in S10 models.

As per leaks from the sources, the three lens will include a 12 MP telephoto lens for optical zoom and portrait modes. A 12 MP wide angle sensor and a 16 MP ultra wide angle sensor. It will undoubtedly capture most amazing pictures ever.

On back of Note 9 there  is also new camera system. Well, it’s new for the Note series. The 12-megapixel camera with a variable aperture (f/1.5 + f/2.4) has been plucked straight from the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Next to it is a second 12-megapixel camera, this time with a longer focal length for 2x zooming.Like the S9 Plus, the main sensor here is optically stabilised, with a small amount of RAM to speed things up and 1.4µm pixels. The secondary sensor is also stabilised, but it lacks the other features.

The biggest feature with the camera here is that dual aperture. This lets the camera change depending on the environment: when it’s dark, the lens will open up to f/1.5 to let more light in (essentially giving you a brighter picture) and when there’s more light available it’ll switch to f/2.4.

Source : trustedreviews

If you want a triple lens camera , then you need to wait for the Samsung S10.

The all New fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint of Samsung Note 9 is at the centre of the back. But it lacks on screen fingerprint sensor. On display finger print sensors are becoming popular than the back fingerprint sensor.

It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a new ultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor. This will enable the users to operate phone by touching finger on any specified area of the screen.

Can Expect 5G support

There are chances that Samsung Galaxy S10 can support 5G networks. South Korean Companies are looking forward to roll out 5G . Samsung has been already talking about its first 5G device to be launched but the name is still not out.

Many mobile companies are expected to launch 5G enabled Handsets. If you want to experience 5G ultra speed network then you may expect it in Samsung S10.

When it comes to Samsung Note 9 It is restricted to 4G only.

Source : .gottabemobile

Wait For a Better Performance

Samsung Note 9 supports the most powerful processor right now. But still lacks behind iPhones in terms of power. Next month Apple is expected to release iPhone models with next generation 7nm A12 chipsets. This will leave Note 9 far behind.

As per the sources, Galaxy S10 will also feature the latest generation 7nm chips. It will the most powerful and effective, then the Galaxy series had ever had. The versions which are to be sold in place other than US and China will support Exynos. The versions to be sold in US and China will support Upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Both these chipset will deliver high end performance.

Where as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is powered by 1.7GHz octa-core processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM.


Galaxy S10 will offer choices, that are not available in Samsung Note 9If you want a Note 9, you can either get a really big, really expensive version or a really big, really really expensive version. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 will come in three different sizes at a wide range of price points. The entry-level “Galaxy S10 Lite” will likely be priced in line with other upper mid-range phones, and then the Galaxy S10 will probably cost about as much as the Galaxy S9. People looking for larger displays can opt for the Galaxy S10+, which will round out Samsung’s new lineup at the high end.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks, Specs and rumours

Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, trending, Samsung, Galaxy S10 vs Note 9
Source: Forbes

Samsung Galaxy S10- release date and price:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 smartphones are going to be launched earlier in the year than their predecessors. However we’re expecting Samsung to follow tradition and announce the Galaxy S10 during the first quarter of 2019: and most likely around the start of March or the end of February, and the annual Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

In terms of pricing, expect the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to be at the loftier end of the market. The Galaxy S9 officially starts at £738, while the S9 Plus can’t be yours for less than £837, so don’t rule out a base RRP of up to £798 for the S10 and £896 for the S10 Plus.


A new report from the Business Korea says that, 5G smartphones are expected to be launch this year or maybe next year, although there’s no word on what companies are going to make them.  The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will let you tear across the web and through your apps faster than ever. It seems to be the first smartphone to support super-fast 5G. Since Samsung is a major Qualcomm partner, so it’s likely that Qualcomm’s 5G chips will first make their way into Samsung phones in future.

Bigger Display for Samsung Galaxy S10:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus already offers incredibly sharp displays. It is expected with 570 and 520ppi respectively, but 610ppi would be an incredible improvement. The Korean tech giant is planning to offer a Galaxy S10 Plus with a screen size of 6.44 inches. That would make the device’s screen notably larger than the display you’d find in this year’s Galaxy S9 Plus, which spans 6.2 inches.

The report suggests that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus will be the biggest smartphone the company has ever released. The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to sport a 6.38-inch display.

Samsung always likes to focus on cameras, and with Huawei upping the ante with a triple-lens camera on the back of the Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung will want to respond. More lens? More aperture settings? Better low light performance? It all could be on the cards for 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs- All the latest Galaxy S10 rumours:

  • AI-specific chipset, with CPU, GPU and separate neural processor
  • 5G Baseband
  • UFS 3.0 storage
  • 93 +%Screen
  • M9 series OLED Screen
  • 3D AI processing with a camera
  • L-shaped battery


That’s all we know for now. Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating our guide to the Samsung Galaxy S10.  Soon we will share all the latest news, rumours and specification leaks.


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