Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone will Launch This Year

Many smartphone companies are looking forward to manufacture a foldable smartphone. Even Huawei is also working overtime to launch its foldable smartphone. Samsung one of the best smartphone brand is also looking to launch a flexible handset this year.

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source Gsmarena

Samsung’s mobile division CEO also confirmed that Samsung is looking to introduce it’s first foldable Galaxy in this year. Even the Samsung carried out surveys asking consumers if they want a foldable smartphone. The answers were positive.

Samsung has not disclosed a device model. He only informed that on Samsung Developers Conference 2018, that is set for November 7-8 in San Francisco more information will be released.

Moreover, Koh promised that the device will have added functions when it’s unfolded so it can give a reason for early adopters to buy it.

We can now only wait and see how the story unfolds, if you’d excuse the pun.

Source: Gsmarena

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